About Us and the Project

For us, an ecovillage is people living together in a village-like setting, living lightly on the planet, with a commitment to eco-friendly principles. We are working to build a Minnesota ecovillage about an hour or so from the Twin Cities, near either St. Paul or Minneapolis.

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Our Values

We demonstrate…

  • An Earth-centric and regenerative community
  • Conscientious behavior toward all beings and the ecosystem
  • An action-oriented ethic to bring these ideas to the world

We strive to do this with…

  • Joy
  • Curiosity
  • Honesty
  • Empathy

Our Community Principles

Our principles will help refine the design choices we make when we plan the ecovillage.

  • Evolving consciousness in our soul and in society
  • Less survival dance, more soul dance
  • Demonstration site for regenerative living using permaculture principles
  • Sustainable water use and composting
  • Sustainable homes and off-grid living
  • Communal spaces (built & natural)
  • Living in direct contact with diverse natural spaces
  • Intergenerational living and inclusive community
  • Beauty and aesthetics
  • Village micro-economies

Our Location Selection Criteria

  • About an hour from the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul)
  • 40+ acres
  • Room for 100+ villagers
  • Rolling hills, water