An Ecovillage Experience at Dancing Rabbit

On Memorial Day Weekend in 2019, a group of Twin Cities Ecovillage Project members and supporters embarked on a journey to rural Missouri, to visit the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. We camped or stayed in natural built homes. We learned about governance, natural building techniques, conflict resolution, alternative energy sources, and what it takes to live with integrity in a regeneratively minded community.

I left feeling revitalized and eager to keep our project’s momentum going. Meeting new friends in that rural Missouri village reminded me that many people share our values. Our project has become one more way for us all to connect and share ideas on how we can live happier lives.

During one of our first meals together, our facilitator for the weekend, Alyson said something that has stuck with me. Paraphrased, she said:

There are two ways to live a rich life. One is to earn more. The other is to live more with less.

The people of Dancing Rabbit and their surrounding communities showed us a great example of how to live more with less. Here’s a video of our experience: