May Day Play Day!

Check out that amazing hand painted banner! Thanks to Brad for all the hard work.

We took on our largest (and most fun!) event yet marching in the Minneapolis May Day Parade. Brad led the charge in creating our beautiful hand painted banner and scared a few small children by sneaking up on them with his giant condor puppet. Ian Mac was a marching model of community spirit and seemed to know everyone in the neighborhood. Alex inspired the colorful animal masks. Dylan and Hannah spearheaded the booth getting everything set up and talking to many excited and interested people. The best part was seeing what we can accomplish when we work together in community. We added 50 new people to our mailing list and gained inspiration to attend more events like this. Look for us at Open Streets events in Minneapolis this summer!

Costumed women holding Regenerate signs
Katie and Rochelle promoting our community ideal of regenerative living.
Full body condor puppet
Brad's famous (or infamous) condor puppet!
Man walking a bike, wearing a community hat and a fox mask
Alex with his fox mask and community hat.