Board of Trustees Retreat

Our first board of trustees retreat was a turning point. The late February weather was perfect for balancing deep discussions with time playing out on the frozen lake outside our doorstep. To date, most of our energy has been focused on establishing the non-profit TCEP. Now that our structure is established, we want to put more energy into the first Seedling Village.

Challenging our decisions and direction created tension. We experienced the importance of conflict and the power of dissenting voices to move us toward a clearer vision and group cohesion. It was a powerful model of holding space for respectful conflict and allowing deeper truth to emerge and change us. We appreciated the ability of each trustee to share their truth honestly, listen deeply, and contemplate all possibilities as we make decisions on how to best move each organization forward.

We came out of the weekend with a focused vision. Our next steps include:

  • making a clear delineation between TCEP and Seedling
  • creating a timeline for each organization
  • adding diversification of the board of TCEP
  • planning for some trustees to rotate off the board and focus their energies on the Seedling Village
People celebrate a good idea while sitting on the floor
We were full of great ideas

TCEP will focus on building a larger community infrastructure beginning with our 2nd Sunday Intentional Community Dinners. Seedling will focus on solidifying a membership structure, recruiting the first founding members who want to live in the Seedling village, and finding land and funding.

Three people in a snowball fight
The snow was perfect for snowballs

We all enjoyed our time in nature. The trees were covered in a beautiful frost on Saturday morning and we saw an eagle soar overhead as we trekked the lake and brainstormed ideas of how to grow our community, fund our vision and deepen our relationships. A few snowballs were thrown, some skipping took place and lying down on the lake to enjoy the sky. Gratitude was shared as each trustee took a turn cooking a delicious community meal. With sunny weather in the upper 40s we even enjoyed lunch on the deck on Saturday and a board game that evening!

A frost-covered tree
Crystals of frost covered everything