Land Scouting near the St. Croix River

The Seedling land committee scouted a piece of property in Schafer, MN on a brisk day in late April. It is smaller than we would usually like, but feels big because it is densely treed and is bordered on on a long side by thousands of acres of federal and state land. The property to the north of it has been for sale in the past, so there could be future expansion potential.

You can walk out the back of the land to the St. Croix River in about five minutes. There is a small campsite there for canoe campers. The view is awesome. Federal land in all directions, so this section of the river will never be developed.

From there, you can bike to Taylors Falls, Franconia Sculpture Park, Interstate State Park, Franconia Bluffs Park, and Osceola, WI. It is less than an hour drive by car from Minneapolis and as close as 45 minutes to NE St. Paul.