Seedling Code of Conduct

The Seedling group has been meeting to formalize the application process for becoming a founding member. The Code of Conduct will be part of the membership agreement, and something we all try to follow.


Authenticity describes how you show up and interact with other people. - I bring my whole self, am honest about my thoughts and feelings, and tell the truth to others. - I communicate clearly, honestly, and sensitively. - I take responsibility for what I say.


Curiosity describes how you consume and respond to information. - I approach people and issues with an inquisitive spirit and seek to understand. - I hold space for everyone’s questions. - I am open to changing my mind based on what I learn.


Integrity describes how we agree to live our shared values. - I walk my talk.  - I embody the Seedling Village values. - I balance my own needs with the needs of the community.


Compassion describes how we can offer loving support for everyone. - I constantly work to understand the minds and feelings of others. - I hold space for others as they feel their feelings and share their thoughts. - As I live my own authentic life, I welcome others to live their own authentic lives.


Generosity describes how and what we can give to our community and the world. - I ask for what I need and offer what I have when others are in need. - I care for the Earth and share my surplus with all. - I celebrate the ideas and actions of the community.


Hope describes how we work together toward our shared goals. - I operate out of the belief that what we are doing will actually change the world. - I assume the best intent of others. - I listen with openness to other people’s ideas and embody a “yes, and” attitude.